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Lucid is a cinematic VR story of love, adventure and letting go. A Breaking Fourth Production. Official Selection of 75th Venice International Film Festival. Nominated for: BEST VR AWARD (IMMERSIVE STORY), BEST VR STORY (FOR LINEAR CONTENT).


The viewer joins Astra as she undertakes an experimental treatment that will allow her to enter her mother’s mind after she has been left in a coma following a terrible car accident. Her mother Eleanor is a renowned children’s author and illustrator. Astra’s presence makes Eleanor’s comatose mind spring to life transporting her to the magical world of her famous book series. As Astra explores treehouses in the sky, stunning ice fields, and enchanted forests, she learns the disturbing truth behind her mother’s accident. Lucid is a visually beautiful sci-fi drama, which deals with an emotional and difficult topic. The experience was built from the ground-up in VR, pushing forward cinematic storytelling techniques.


Director's Notes by Pete Short: Lucid was an opportunity to explore the fading imagination of a beautiful mind. This is a topic very close to my heart because of personal experience with dementia. I wanted Lucid to be an appreciation of the happiness, joy, and love of a person's life rather than a somber farewell. The story is set inside the mind of a children's book writer, which lends much of the piece an innocence and cheeriness, even though it’s dealing with an extremely difficult topic. I have been waiting a long time to tell this story. VR finally allows me to tell it in a way that does it justice. The audience is granted access to Eleanor's mind to share the final, intimate moments between a mother and daughter. As the audience find themselves immersed in the magical worlds of children's books, I hope they will let themselves be swept away by the story.

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